Saturday, March 10, 2007

News Aplenty

Greetings and well wishes to all!

We have been hard at work both getting up to speed on orders, finishing up a decent project (Giulio Cesare) and adding many new items to our line of products.

You may have noticed some of the new additions on the cuirass, arms and bracers pages. Some of these items were custom crafted for the movie "Outlander" which wrapped up filming in January.

Our work for the Cesare Opera production also netted some new items for future release in our line, including Roman Imperial tooled greaves, water hardened and wax hardened Roman leather Muscle Breastplates and Cuirasses, Leather/steel Cingulum Belts, Standard Roman greaves, and a heavily detailed and adorned "Caesar Cuirass".

We have also revamped our "Stage and Screen" page, and our "Cuirass" page, for easier navigation.

Our customers are our greatest asset. Thank you for your continued business!




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