Saturday, August 09, 2008

Customer Service Update

Over the past several months we have found it necessary to review facets of production, customer service and quality control.

Some issues with our chainmail crew resulted in unacceptable delays arising from incorrect materials, improper sizing and lack of communication. Consequently, some customers have experienced resulting delays in receipt of orders. We are now taking the appropriate steps to only include chainmail items for purchase which are in stock and have been inspected for proper sizing and construction. Our website will reflect these changes no later than 8/17/08.

We sincerely apologize to any of our customers who have experienced any problems due to the past mishaps and will take any steps to rectify any products which they feel were not what was ordered.

We are also working diligently to expedite our crafting queue for leather items. Our recent work for "World Youth Day 2008" in Sydney and the film "Outlander" which is pending US release has forced us to re-evaulate our future involvement is large productions as it can cause delays and difficulty in communication with other customers.

During the past year, we have also upgraded our products with little or no increase in the end cost to our customers. Those of you who have observed and read the "terms of purchase" posted at the top of our pages know that even our regular line of products has experienced a 5-8 week turnaround. If a "need by" date was not specified for an order and the item was undergoing upgrading you may have had a delayed receipt date but lost likely received the upgraded version.

Custom work will not be offered until our crafting queue can return to an acceptable turnaround time, as these types of orders can develop unexpected delays in crafting which in turn can also add to the crafting queue delays.

To provide for an option for contact regarding order, we will be offering more hours of use for our "Online Chat" through the website. This will again, be in effect by 8/17/08.

We thank all of our customers who have been very patient in receipt of their orders.




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